SEO link pyramid for your site for $85

By | December 10, 2022
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SEO link pyramid for your site

I make a quality pyramid scheme. The trick is to make sure that the main and auxiliary links come from reputable and unspammed resources. Put links from such sites I have the opportunity.

There will be a main thematic article, a couple of announcements (they will have 3 direct links to your site) and media amplification announcements.

It is important to understand that for each site will be different in effect, for example: if your site is in the top 20, the output on the first page is very likely, if you are in the top 200, the output to the top 50 will already be a success. Just then it is necessary not to stop, and continue to promote – I do all subsequent work on new resources. In practice, I bring from the top 100 to the top 10 quite often.


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