I Will Do 2D Character Design full body for $70

By | November 17, 2022
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I Will Do 2D Character Design full body


We are a team of professional illustrators and concept artists. Our forte is in 2D Illustration and Character Design.

We will create detailed, fully rendered in-color character art. Our team works in Photoshop and if you want to preserve the quality of the image we provide a TIFF format with the JPG.


Please read this thoroughly.

Upon booking us we will require any and all the references you can send us.

Please include a detailed description of the character plus their personality.

Share with me how you see the character posing. For action shots, you can go wild but please keep it simple for Major pose

Upon receiving the details from you we will send you a concept sketch of the character for you to see and tweak it where it’s needed.

Once the concept sketch is approved we will then begin to refine it and begin rendering. During the work process, we can provide work in progress for the client to see. Please be responsive.

We will then provide the client with the final character model sheet upon completion.

Huzzah! And we are done

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask!


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