Whitelabel Local SEO Audit Report for Google My Business GMB audit, Citations au for $10

By | September 22, 2022
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Whitelabel Local SEO Audit Report for Google My Business GMB audit, Citations au

X3 Seller on seoclerk with more than 13000 completed orders & 4000 positive feedback on my other services.

Whitelabel Local SEO Audit Report for Google My Business that will include : GMB audit, Citations audit, Keyword ranking audit, Reputation audit, Map grids & competitor analysis on the provided keywords.

Check a demo report attached HERE . The demo report is super long ~ 170 pages because it has many citations. a regular report will probably have ~ 20-50 pages.

I don’t need access to your Google My business or your Google Analytics

What’s the use of such report?

You’ll sell your Local Seo services easier to customers; You’ll be able to rebill them easier when you have a new report to show to them monthly with improvements that they can see from month to month.

You won’t have to waste time on multiple sources and getting the data yourself and putting it togheter. Also white label reports are expensive.

If its your business, you’ll be able to get some stats from which you have actionable steps . ( ex, bad citations info ( correct it), missing citations ( add them) , duplicate info ( remove them), map grids ( check where you’re ranking), GMB mistakes, check how your competitors are doing etc)

Would such reports make you sell Local SEO services fasterand easier?

OF course.

Think about it. Once you book the client, give him such areport.

Do your Local Seo magic ( or outsource it to me for a fair and competitive price ) and at the end of month get another report. After first month, things get easier. You only need a report at the end of month, and you can keep that client happy because be will be able to see the changes from month to month.

Are you a reseller? This is great. I like resellers and you will love to resell my services.

Most important thing I won’t go after your clients. You can safely outsource to me. Hence the whitelabel. You will get your brand on the report and I’m happy with what I’m charging, i’m not interested in overcharging clients directly.

If you resold my other services than you know I’m not trying to pitch your clients.

If you didn’t bought from me before, check my flawless feedback. Most of them are from recurring resellers / agency owners with hundreds of orders from me over the years.


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